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If you’re looking to hire a professional DevOps Engineer, look no further! Dorustree provides trusted DevOps services and consulting Solutions in India. Reach out to us to know more.

Cloud Engineering

Hire the Best DevOps Engineers


Our Cloud DevOps teams seamlessly transition between development and operations by utilizing cross-training, technical experience, understanding, and procedures to get you to the next level of process management smoothly and effortlessly without a hitch.



Continuous Integration

With CI, we banish issues related to merging code and bugs. Consequently, your updates will be transformed through automation and smoother Integration


Continuous Delivery

With continuous development in devops, updates are validated thoroughly. The build, test and non-production multi-dimensional testing prior to deployment fully validates applications

DevOps Services We Offered


Our Cloud DevOps services include virtual development tools that assist clients in transforming to a DevOps model based on post-identification of business drivers and challenges, which gives uniqueness to your business. We bridge the gap to accelerate delivery that brings flexibility, collaboration, and automation.


DevOps Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of functional areas helps in putting together pointed recommendations for areas of improvement. Identifying pain points is key to successful deployment across the enterprise


DevOps Automation

Fully automated delivery cycles manage processes and deployments smoothly. Processes in pipelines move seamlessly with lesser costs, with fewer delays


DevOps Management

Agile and lean processes combine throughout project lifecycle for delivering objectives effortlessly. Automation and monitoring of various stages of the project contribute to slashed development cycles and a reliable launch


Service Virtualization

We have mastered the simulation processes of components. This lends us the flexibility to carry out integration testing in the early stages of development

Test Tool Automation

Our robust test tool automation covers performance, load, accessibility, security and monitoring of production. We leverage automation towards high speed software delivery

Operational Analytics

We rely on operational analytics to detect, fix and pre-empt problems from manifesting. This process of extraction, analysis and reporting is automatic, helping us gain valuable insights

Release Planning & Monitoring

We orchestrate the deployment process through superior planning, perfect scheduling and optimised control of the software across multiple stages and various environments

DevOps Consulting Process We Follow


For all of our Cloud DevOps initiatives, we specifically created a method. The efficiency and speed of all of our DevOps services are dramatically improved by this process. Our DevOps consulting are given in the following steps.



Forge a Partnership

The partnerships we maintain with clients aim to take advantage of mutual understanding of their needs and support client operations with more adaptability.



This phase seems to introduce various infrastructure development, testing, and deployment cycles that have already undergone live client testing.


Enhancement and Upgrades

We are always looking for ways to tweak things up to make deliverables better. Not only do we urge for change, but we also implement change.


Support and Maintenance

Our support is often not limited by the procedure. It is proactive and collaborative. We intend to assist and develop rather than meet a need or prerequisite.

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