Explore our tailored engagement models below to discover the one that perfectly aligns with your business needs

At Dorustree, we are committed to reshaping the landscape of business with pioneering software solutions. Our meticulously crafted engagement models are strategically designed to harmonize with your unique requirements, fostering a collaborative partnership that breeds success.

Team as a Service

Unleash the potential of our Team as a Service model. Gain exclusive access to a specialized team of experts solely dedicated to your projects. Enjoy the following advantages:

Build-Operate-Transfer Model

Take charge with our Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. Shape and oversee an offshore development team, progressively assuming complete ownership. Key features encompass:

Technology Partner

Leverage Dorustree’s domain expertise and experience to fuel innovation within your organization and stay ahead in the competitive business landscape.

Hybrid Model

In specific scenarios, the hybrid model emerges as the preferred choice. This versatile model empowers you to integrate diverse engagement methodologies, creating a solution that maximizes efficiency and yields remarkable returns.