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Hire developers with pre-vetted remote work experience to help you excel in your business. Hire a dedicated development team or work with remote developers as a distinct value proposition, whether you are a startup firm or a large enterprise.


Start Up


Reduced time to 12-weeks

Agile adoption and Agile Governance for Startups

Get 200% productivity with remote teams working 16×5

Remote team


Quickly scale your team within 72 hours

Average Engineer experience of 5+ years

Global presence of developers in 5 countries

Hire Dedicated Developers to Meet Your Enterprise Needs



Enhances Scalability


Hire dedicated developers allows you to scale quickly while incurring fewer risks and operating costs. You can bridge skill gaps by hiring remote developers with expertise in specialized technologies on hiring a dedicated remote development team. You can ensure scalability and flexibility in staffing service based on seasonal peaks, a difference in business challenges, and rigorous deadlines.



Global Talent Pool Access


Hire a dedicated development team that makes an agile workforce that continuously understands new technologies in the tech industry and updating skills to match the needs of various projects. The dedicated offshore development team effectively addresses these issues by implementing change and enabling the development and execution of unique training programs.



Focus on Your Core Business


The ability to hire remote developers is essential for maintaining the overall product’s functionality. Every company can focus on expanding their company and other factors such as sales, marketing, business development, and client relations. Remote developers free up entrepreneurs’ time to focus on completing company tasks. It relieves stress by having specialists manage growth efforts.



Remote Development Team


Only remote developers may achieve potential business growth remotely. A dedicated remote development team completes the project with thorough technical know-how and understanding. Remote developers can bridge the knowledge gaps within the in-house team, and in some cases, they can handle repetitive tasks so that in-house teams can focus on complex issues. There is a significant demand for hiring dedicated development teams across all enterprises.



Cost Effective


One of the main advantages for businesses, from startups to mid-sized companies, is cost arbitrage. It spares businesses from spending money on technology infrastructure, hiring, benefits, training, and development. It could be a game changer or deciding factor for companies looking to grow.



Wraping ups


There are many advantages of working with remote developers. Why not collaborate with the best to launch a successful business? Please use our contact form or call us if you want to hire a remote development team. Dorustree’s expert remote development team will contact you about your requirements you can hire dedicated developers by inteviews and chats!

If you have an idea and are looking out for a remote team , then we are here to help. To know on how to hire your team contact us


Define Your Requirements


Shortlist & Interview


Hire Your Team

 Figure: How to hire remote teams in less than 24 hours ?

Why Dorustree for Hire Remote Software Developers?


At Dorustree, you can hire a dedicated development team that offers the chance to work with highly qualified developers in India. You can obtain every business’s needs, whether they are short-term or long-term. We deliver solutions that are nothing short of perfection, thanks to our decades of experience and army of highly qualified software engineers hiring.


Flexible Contract

Flexible contarct with simple monthly billing


Two Free Sprints

Experience the way we work over two scrums of two weeks each


Account Manager

Dedicated account manager available any time

Hire Your team

How the Process of Hiring a Remote Developer Works


Hiring a dedicated development team is one of the topmost concerns for any organization. At Dorustree, we have a dedicated development team of engineers with a hyper-focus on delivering quality solutions. We take pride in the work done by our team and encourage innovative thoughts and solutions. Dorustree can offer developers the commitment of a minimum two years timeline provided the correct budgets are available. We offer Scrum-certified product owners or Scrum masters to drive your agile scrum adoption process entirely free for a team of a minimum of 3 people. We encourage software engineers to hire and support our clients if they need one developer.

Our Engagement Models


To ensure that all requirements for custom software development are satisfied within a predetermined timeline, Our engagement models, which specify the budget, deliverables, and timeline, are based on your business needs.


Time & Material

Execute your agile projects with hourly billing. No minimum commitment & 100% transparency on the work done


4 hours/day, 5 days/week


Slack, E-mail, Skype

Hiring Period

48 hours



Augment your team with Industry Experts. Our Engineers will work with your team to solve your challenges.


8 hours/day, 5 days/week


Slack, E-mail, Skype

Hiring Period

5 business days



Looking for a long term IT Partner to work with you ? This model will help you run long term assignments without worry of increasing market costs


As per requirement


Slack, E-mail, Skype

Hiring Period

10 business days


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